About Us

Bottle Pop Party was the brainchild of Shannon Wellington. Her mother gave birth to her in 1980. This girl was born to party. She just loves parties ever since she was a little child. She would ask her friends to come over so that they could have tea parties. She would ask her mom to bake moist chocolate cookies and cupcakes of different flavors and she would serve them together with drinks that she concocted out of fruit juices. And her friends definitely loved her parties!

When she was a bit older, she discovered the wonders of the arts and crafts. She loved making paper flowers, ribbons made of felt, and she learned the art of napkin folding for table decorating. She was too excited to execute these designs during their home parties where she was always assigned to take care of the decorations. She took this seriously and made such detailed table designs, centerpieces, dessert tables. She would create different designs by putting together various materials such as fabrics, felt, board paper, glitter board, doilies, and other special kinds of paper. Even though her hands would get burned when using the glue gun, she was relentless in creating fabulous designs for every party and occasion.

Her family and friends planned a surprise party for her 16th birthday but she overheard about their plans. In the end, they were the ones surprised when Shannon showed up for her party looking absolutely glam and fab! When she was 20 years old, she discovered the wonders and sweetness of champagne. She enjoyed popping the champagne bottle, proposing a toast, and starting the party.

Shannon got married to John in 2006 and as expected, she planned every detail of their wedding. Unlike other brides who got stressed planning for their weddings, Shannon loved every minute of it! She was involved and meticulous in every design and feature of their fairytale themed wedding. Four years later, she gave birth to Gabe. It was during those late night feedings when she made up her mind to start her own business. And of course, the business idea that she came up with was one that she loved doing all along, planning and designing parties and special events! That is how the Bottle Pop Party Company was established in 2011 and Shannon couldn’t be happier about it. She just wants everyone to have a good time.

Shannon has a degree in Marketing and Public Relations from Temple University. She enjoys shopping at Target, drinking wine, and driving around town with her car windows down and singing along to her favorite songs.

Today is a very special day

. My childhood best friend will marry her first love. I have seen their love blossom. I have witnessed every ups and downs of their relationship. I have been the third wheel in their dates and travels. That is why I am very privileged to design their wedding.