Today is a very special day

Today is a very special day. My childhood best friend will marry her first love. I have seen their love blossom. I have witnessed every ups and downs of their relationship. I have been the third wheel in their dates and travels. That is why I am very privileged to design their wedding.

Of course, my best friend and I spent months planning everything. As expected, they went with a travel-themed wedding as they loved to travel to different destinations. Here are the details for their wedding that we planned according to their theme:

For their invitations, we printed out boarding passes with details of the wedding.

For their souvenirs, we hired a photographer who would take pictures of the guests and print them on travel bag tags. The couple did not like to have their faces printed on the tags as they wanted their souvenirs to really be useful for their guests. So just as a reminder of this special event, we designed the bag tags with a stamp bearing the initials of the couple and the date of their wedding making it look like a passport stamp.

For their sponsors, we contacted suppliers of travel blankets and shawls which the couple gave to their sponsors as gifts.

I prepared a video presentation showing the compilation of the couple’s photos taken in the various destinations that they have been to.

The tables were designed with lamps that look like lighthouses. Instead of putting table numbers, we named each table according to the couple’s favorite travel destinations and places they still dream to visit one day. We framed photos of these places and put them on each table.

It was a garden wedding so we designed the place with lots of string lights and hanged more pictures of the couple during their travels. On one side, there was a globe, ship, airplane, car, and train. This was also where we put the gifts for the couple.

There are a lot more details to share but I will let the pictures do the talking. So please browse our album for photos of their wedding.